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1. Overview

Vietkey is a software used to type Vietnamese language. Vietkey supports Unicode. As you may know, Vietnamese language includes some special diacritics (special vowels: Ăă, Ơơ, Ưư, Êê etc, special consonnant Đđ, and marks for five among six tones - more details about this, click here). So in order to type Vietnamese on, user need to install in their computer a free small size software. EV choose Vietkey for its stability and its user-friendly usage.
Vietkey’s installation takes from 1 to 3 minutes and rarely causes problems for your computer. However, we still want to remind you that Vietkey is not our product, so we won’t be responsible about its malfunction or he damage it may cause to your system. It's your choice to go ahead.


You can download Vietkey from our server. Please go to Download page here.

3. Installation & Settings

Please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Unzip the downloaded file and/or double-click on it. The Vietkey software wil run its windos as in the photo 1.

Photo 1

Step 2:
Click on the "Input Method" tab and choose optin VNI. See it in Photo 2 below:

Photo 2

Step 3:

Click on the "Char Sets" tab and choose the option "Unicode Pre-compound". See it in Photo 3 below:
Photo 3

Step 4:
Minimize it by clicking on the task bar. The Vietkey Icon will appear in your Windows Taskbar. See below
Photo 4

  • If your computer has another typing software, you can temporarily disable Vietkey by clicking on its icon on your task bar. Clicking it again will turn it back to Vietnamese Mode. See the photo 5 below
Photo 5

  • To exit Vietkey, right-click on the task bar icon and choose "Exit". The Photo 6 will show it:
Photo 6

4. Typing layouts

Now that you have installed and set up Vietkey, and it must work. Further, what to learn is the keyboard layout. Vietkey provides two kinds of layout (or input methods). In the step 2, you have set it to VNI layout.

With VNI layout, marks, tones are assigned to keys as follows:

Photo 7

Look at the Photo 7, you can see that each number key is assigned to a mark or a tone. Now you can use it to write Vietnamese words. Examples ([..] represents a key):
  • á (tone sắc) = [a] + [1]
  • à (tone huyền) = [a] + [2]
  • ả (tone hỏi) = [a] + [3]
  • ã (tone ngã) = [a] + [4]
  • ạ (tone nặng) = [a] + [5]
  • â (hat) = [a] + [6]
  • ơ (beard) = [o] + [7]
  • ă (semi moon) = [a] + [8]
  • đ = [d] + [9]
About tones, click here
About vowels, click here.
So, a word like "trường" (school) is typed like that
  • trường = [t] + [r] + [u] + [7] + [o] + [7] + [n] + [g]
  • biết = [b] + [i] +[e] + [6] + [t] + [1]
5. Troubleshooting

5.1 Why can't I type in my language after installing Vietkey?

- You can click on Vietkey's icon to disable Vietkey layout. In this case, an E (English) will occurs. To switch back to Vietnamese mode, click on the icon again.

5.2 Why is my password wrong when Vietkey is enabled?

- As Vietkey uses number keys to mark and tone assignment, you should disable Vietnamese mode when typing a password.

5.3 Why can't I type in Vietnamese?

- Please check the following settings:
(1) Input method must be VNI;
(2) Char set must be in Unicode Precompound;
(3) Other softwares related to keyboard layout must be disabled (sepecially for Asian language keyboard layout);
(4) Your system may be short of some unicode fonts. Click here to download them.
(5) Try to reinstall Vietkey.
(6) Send us an email at
, one of our technicians will help you!

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