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Hello. Thank you for visiting EVIETNAM GROUP's Homepage. This homepage owes its idea of creation to Dr. Nguyen Van Hue (Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City) from a friendly conversation in Saigon on 2003. EVen though Dr. Nguyen Van Hue does not participate in the creation of this homepage, we would like to thank Doctor Hue.

1. What is EV?
EV is the abbreviation of EVIETNAM GROUP. EVietnam Group is a group of teachers of Vietnamese coming from different universities in Vietnam and abroad. EV's Homepages are designed to offer free online Vietnamese language courses and Vietnamese culture resources. EV websites & resources can be available in the different domain names:
- main free course homepage.
- e-learning service homepage.
- VIEX Vietnamese language exchange forum.
- and Online learning service homepage
- EV photo archives on Vietnam.

2. What are core principles of EV?
EVietnam Group is founded on 6 core principles:
(1) Communication is critical, and the primary form of communication for most people in the world is based on verbal or written language.
(2) Mutual understanding is built by effective communication, and leads to constructive cooperation.
(3) The Vietnamese people can make many positive contributions to the world linguistically, culturally and socially.
(4) Vietnam welcomes people of all nations, religions, races, cultures and backgrounds.
(5) EVietnam Group is a project to remove traditional barriers and foster an atmosphere of learning, understanding and peace in which everyone can prosper together.
(6) Through EVietnam Group we hope to help others learn about the Vietnamese language and culture, and learn more about our world. Here, everyone can find or find back their Vietnamese home.

3. Who are EV members and partners?
EV members include Vietnamese language professors, translators, researchers and IT technicians, who work in Vietnam and in some other countries. EV partners are those who support us by promoting their products and services in forms of advertisement. EV partners are also those who provide course materials and/or contributions to EV resources.

4. What is the purpose of EV?
EV's purpose is to provide practical Vietnamese courses at all levels, for different language skills, to introduce characteristics of Vietnamese language, to provide Vietnamese culture resources, and also to promote cultural exchanges between Vietnam and other countries.

5. Where can I find EV materials and offline courses?
EV materials, books, CDs, DVDs can be found in EV online shop (which currently under construction). EV provides free information on universities, institutes and departments where Vietnamese courses are taught in different ways: B.A degree program, evening course, distance courses. Find them!

6. Are EV courses free?
Yes, they are. Except special resources in the Gold Member area and online tutoring service, all other courses and resources are available for anyone who has a registered account in EV's Homepages.

7. Why are EV resources free? It is true that to build courses and materials with thousands of hours and then give them online for free is not easy. However, we love those who love Vietnam, and we understand that with knowledge of Vietnamese language and Vietnamese culture, you will become friends of Vietnam. If you can buy a coffee for your friend, we can offer you these courses for free.

8. What is copyright of EV?
EV is technically partly designed based on Moodle LMS. So technically, Moodle has its copyright on used techniques. All courses, materials, photos, images, recordings, movies, dictionaries ... are copyrighted by EVIETNAM GROUP & EV members. If you want to use EV's contents for commercial purposes, please contact EV Administrator at webmaster at vietcourses dot com.

9. How does EV use my information?
As described in details in EV Private Policy, EV does not use your information collected during registration for any purposes. Please refer to EV Private Policy for full information! Before enrollment into each course, you are asked to agree EV Privacy Policy.

10. What is Gold Member area?
There are three areas in EV. The first area is for guest access. Anyone with internet connection can have access to this area. This area includes dictionaries, forums, materials such as photos, recordings etc. The second area is for registered users. The registration is absolutely free. With a registered account, users can have access to quizzes, exercises, drills, courses etc. The third area - the Gold member area is reserved for our donors or partners.

11. Who can become Gold Member?
All those who have a donation of 50 US$ or more will become our Gold member for one year. This Gold Member's concept does not contrast to "Free Friendly coffee" described above. In fact, 50 US$ is NOT the cost for the full access user account, as we PROVIDE FREE COURSES, but is the limit from which an account is automatically upgraded into Gold Member.

12. What does a Gold Member can benefit from EV?
We keep this area, which includes a great amount of materials and courses and quizzes as a thank for those who support us. A Gold Member, as his or her request, can have:
- 30 Mb email account of one of the following types:
- A blog in EV homepage so he or she can post his/her texts
- A 30 Mb web space with FTP account so that he/she can build his/her own homepage with the URL

13. What is EV pedagogical basics?
EV courses and teaching methodology are based on theories of second language acquisition. EV online courses focus on interaction between user and internet based resources. EV's courses are designed in the simple, easy way so that anyone with a minimal knowledge of computers can learn and use our resources.

14. What is TOVIF?
TOVIF is Test of Vietnamese and a Second Language. TOVIF is at the same time a level test system and level scale that EV uses to classify its courses.
Thank you.
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